He stole my title!

…buy his book anyway!  Chuck Wendig, the profane, logorrheatic fabulist that walks like a man, has perpetrated yet another literary outrage on the unsuspecting world.  (I keed, I keed!)  He’s funny (if just a tad PG-13) and talks a lot about being a penmonkey and how to do it better.  I suppose I should support a fellow writer, even if he DID steal the title of the second book in my SF series for his own nefarious purposes, forcing me to come up with YET ANOTHER title, which task nearly sprained my brain.

Oh yeah, the book is for sale.  Amazon. B&N. Indiebound.

And now… payback.  Pay attention, bdub.  Your homework is to successfully distinguish slot-head from Phillips screws 2 out of 3 times.

Update: fixed stupid HTML error.

7 thoughts on “He stole my title!

    • Thanks, don’t know how that snuck in there. And re: your previous question, announcements will be made in the next 2 weeks. Earlier if you are on the mailing list 😉

      • So far I have read LMG & FH 4 times, and the short stories once.

        I can find a way to wait the 3 months if you go the A’ route with TLWH. So be it.

  1. Downloaded “The Long Way Home” this morning from your On-Line Store.

    It installed nicely on my Nook. Only made it to page 9 before the shower heated up enough to start my day. Will leave the rest for reading tonight.

  2. I will be getting copies of the other two books for my daughter from your store.

    I assume that you get more of the profits via the on-line store than you do from either Amazon or Barnes&Noble. I would expect that the cut taken by PayPal is less than either of them.