New Red Wolf Serialization! And bonus audiobooks!

Part 2 of Red Wolf:Scout is now live and available on Amazon. Other markets to go live shortly. I am madly making notes and plotting for Book 3, aka Red Wolf: Defender.

But wait, you say, what have you been doing all this time if not writing? Good question! I have been playing with the beta version of Amazon’s Virtual Voice, the AI audiobook generator, and now all three books of the Sequoyah series have audio versions! Sometimes the AI was comical in its pronunciation attempts but it did very well considering how many completely made-up terms and names I use, and I could usually teach it the right way to say something. And the times when it got dialogue and inflection exactly right was amazing. Major bonus, I can offer audiobooks for a mere $6 each!

Red Wolf: Scout serialization begins!

Part 1 of Red Wolf: Scout (book 2) is now live on Amazon! Soon to appear at all the usual book sites.

An unexpected hazard of going from a world of modern technology to a primitive, alternate Asia: explaining the concept of “swimsuit” to people who can’t swim. Nic must train a truly effective special forces team, and protect the only safe haven she’s found. The people of Shanmen fortress have accepted her— even if some still think she is a wolf demon in her spare time—but Feng Guo, the general in command, has a powerful enemy determined to wipe them out.

Nic must save the fortress and the people within from sabotage, single spies, and entire squads of soldiers in a world wracked by rebellion. She only has her wits and what she had on her when she was shunted to this timeline. What can she do with a cell phone, a tourist guide, and a very slightly used geology degree? Wreak havok, and let slip the Red Wolf of war!

Oh look, a new book!

I am pleased to announce that the second book in the Red Wolf series, Red Wolf: Scout, is complete and in the final steps of getting properly formatted and presentable! It will be up on the regular retail sites eventually (day job and holidays depending) but for the truly impatient, the eARC is available on Gumroad. The eARC is not proofed, but is the complete story. Next the book will be posted in serialized format, with the full ebook available in 2024. Print version … whenever.

I’ll be working on the third book, Red Wolf: Defender next!

Red Wolf: Exile is now complete!

All three parts are live and for sale. The preorders worked very well this time, so I think I’ll keep doing that. So what comes next?

  • The ebook version, all three parts in one seamless whole. For the people who prefer having it all in one glorious pile. Which may, possibly, have a teaser chapter …
  • The print version, and
  • The next book, Red Wolf: Scout! I am busily writing it even now. This will probably follow the same path as the previous with three serialized parts, an eARC for the impatient, and then a full ebook and print book once the third part is published. I will post when I have more definite dates for all of these, but first … I must wake up my cover artist. Gets out artist-poking stick …

Trying Preorders for a change

Red Wolf: Exile Part 3 is up at all the main ebook sites as a preorder, delivery on March 30.

Draft2Digital (Apple and Kobo)
Barnes & Noble

And not only that!

  • Red Wolf: Exile combined ebook (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) is coming,
  • Red Wolf: Exile print book is coming
  • Red Wolf: Scout is coming! (book 2!)

I’m about halfway through the first draft of Scout. ETA is uncertain, but it will be in the next few months.

Red Wolf: Exile Part 2 is live!

The next installment of the cross-dimension adventure is now available wherever fine e-books are sold. Part 3 will be available sometime in April, or the impatient can go to Gumroad for the eARC.

Meanwhile, your humble author is scribbling furiously to complete Red Wolf: Scout so my editor can latch onto it like a starving lion seeing a limping wildebeest. Writing may seem quiet and peaceful from the outside, but there is a Darwinian element we hide from you. Only the strongest survive!


(other store links will be added as soon as I get them. Amazon was blindingly fast this time…)

Cover for the new project

Going live next week! Red Wolf: Exile is the start of a new parallel world series. I will be releasing it as a serial at first, and Part 1 (the first third of the first book) will be followed by the next part in about six weeks. Stay tuned!

Same map, different world.

Nic Duncan must prove she has what it takes to follow her uncle into the Special Forces. To get his backing she infiltrates a lawless area of postwar Asia posing as an adrenaline-junkie hiker. Checking out a newly discovered cave follows naturally as part of her cover.

But in that cave she encounters a strange artifact—and when she emerges, the world she knows no longer exists. While the terrain remains the same, every sign of civilization has disappeared. No road, no power lines, no GPS, nothing.

Starving and desperately searching for a way back, Nic discovers the relics of the past have vanished too – and the pre-technology people she encounters either terrified of outsiders or ruthless killers.
Can Nic find any safety in this strange yet familiar world … and what must she sacrifice to get it?

Stay tuned …

I haven’t been posting here for a while but I have been working! A new world, a new series, a new format is coming soon (as in hopefully December). And it won’t be a year between installments either!

This is the first clue …