Red Wolf: Exile is now complete!

All three parts are live and for sale. The preorders worked very well this time, so I think I’ll keep doing that. So what comes next?

  • The ebook version, all three parts in one seamless whole. For the people who prefer having it all in one glorious pile. Which may, possibly, have a teaser chapter …
  • The print version, and
  • The next book, Red Wolf: Scout! I am busily writing it even now. This will probably follow the same path as the previous with three serialized parts, an eARC for the impatient, and then a full ebook and print book once the third part is published. I will post when I have more definite dates for all of these, but first … I must wake up my cover artist. Gets out artist-poking stick …

Cover for the new project

Going live next week! Red Wolf: Exile is the start of a new parallel world series. I will be releasing it as a serial at first, and Part 1 (the first third of the first book) will be followed by the next part in about six weeks. Stay tuned!

Same map, different world.

Nic Duncan must prove she has what it takes to follow her uncle into the Special Forces. To get his backing she infiltrates a lawless area of postwar Asia posing as an adrenaline-junkie hiker. Checking out a newly discovered cave follows naturally as part of her cover.

But in that cave she encounters a strange artifact—and when she emerges, the world she knows no longer exists. While the terrain remains the same, every sign of civilization has disappeared. No road, no power lines, no GPS, nothing.

Starving and desperately searching for a way back, Nic discovers the relics of the past have vanished too – and the pre-technology people she encounters either terrified of outsiders or ruthless killers.
Can Nic find any safety in this strange yet familiar world … and what must she sacrifice to get it?

Stay tuned …

I haven’t been posting here for a while but I have been working! A new world, a new series, a new format is coming soon (as in hopefully December). And it won’t be a year between installments either!

This is the first clue …

The latest in the Guardian’s Compact series — Sky Tribe!

Ever wonder what it would be like if you had to save the world, but you don’t have superpowers, or magic, or even money? And were expected to attend classes at the same time?

Ever been willing to dangle by your fingertips from a high window ledge, just to get your hands on a really good book?

Well wonder no longer! Sky Tribe is here, for all you low-budget adventurers and fanatical readers!

With yet another wonderful cover from Les Petersen. Available now at all fine electronic establishments!

Jens-Peter Oberacker thought the secret research facility for magical craft would be peaceful and quiet–the perfect place to finish his engineering research paper. He didn’t expect a violent gang of thieves to have their eyes on the ships, or having to escape to save his life. Worse yet, he’s now being blamed for the entire thing!

On the run in the last, badly damaged ship, an unexpected encounter with a housemaid on a mansion rooftop saves him from immediate disaster. But why would she lurk on a roof at night? And where did she learn her utter fearlessness of heights?

Perhaps unwisely, Jens-Peter ignores these questions—and the housemaid’s unexpected knife—desperate to find someone, anyone, who can clear his name. And let him finish his paper…

Book Sale coming up!

January is a cold, dreary month suited for curling up with a cat and a good book. So to help that along, The Scent of Metal and The Last Mage Guardian, first books in their respective series, are half-off at $1.99, and Rogues and Heroes, my latest short story collection, is FREE! (But only for 3 days, so act soon!)

Half-price sale runs 1/13-1/22, and the free book is only free on Jan. 16, 17, and 18. (and it is only on Amazon).

Support Cat-Related Happiness, and read a good book!

Rogues and Heroes short story collection live on Amazon!

Got a new collection up, with some old favorites and some stories that have never seen the light of day before — including the origins of Inathka from the Sequoyah trilogy! Plus a few that were first seen in Pulphouse.

Amazon link

(And now, back to the Work in Progress, book 3 in the world of Guardian’s Compact. So far we have university students, a drunk donkey, and a not very successful circus troupe…)

Soul Code is in the pipeline!

The book is FINISHED! Beta reader reports are coming in, and hardly anyone is reporting injuries so things are progressing nicely. The cover artist has been summoned (and I always have to remember to go around the pentagram *clockwise* since he’s in Australia…). The editor’s schedule has been consulted.

Yep, there will be a book soon. I’m thinking of putting up a chapter or two here to help soothe the itch of waiting…

Emerging from the Depths…

Yes, it’s been a long time. I have a lot of really good excuses which I will not bother you with, because the only thing my dear readers really care about is WHERE IS THE BOOK??? And who can blame them? I wondered where it was myself.

Soul Code is almost done. Because of editor schedule issues it will not be available until early 2019, but it WILL be out. Now with more feral AI spaceships!

Meanwhile, the short stories are popping up in print (finally). The schedule and locations as I know them:

October-ish 2018, “Crossing Over the River” in Pulphouse issue #4

November 2018, “Our Man in Basingstoke” in Fiction River: Spies

June 2019, “Need to Know You” in Fiction River: Summer Sizzles

July 2019, “Restoration” in Fiction River: Doorways to Enchantment