Agreement of Verb and Subject Exercises

Agreement of Verb and Subject Exercises: Tips and Techniques

One of the most important rules of grammar is the agreement between the verb and subject in a sentence. Ensuring that the verb and subject agree is essential for clear, effective writing. In this article, we`ll provide some exercises you can use to improve your understanding of verb and subject agreement.

Exercise 1: Identifying Subject-Verb Agreement

The first exercise focuses on identifying subject-verb agreement in sentences. Read the following sentences and determine whether the underlined verb agrees with the subject.

1. The dog (run, runs) in the park.

2. She (enjoy, enjoys) reading books.

3. They (is, are) planning a trip to Europe.

4. The cars (need, needs) to be washed.

Correct answers: 1. runs 2. enjoys 3. are 4. need

Exercise 2: Making the Verb Agree with the Subject

In this exercise, you`ll need to select the correct verb to agree with the subject of the sentence.

1. She (has, have) a cat.

2. The book on the shelf (is, are) expensive.

3. The team of players (was, were) late for practice.

4. The plants in the garden (need, needs) to be watered.

Correct answers: 1. has 2. is 3. was 4. need

Exercise 3: Identifying Subject-Verb Agreement in More Complex Sentences

In this exercise, you`ll need to identify subject-verb agreement in more complex sentences.

1. The woman who teaches math (enjoys, enjoy) helping her students.

2. The group of friends (is, are) planning a trip to the beach.

3. Each of the students (has, have) a different project to work on.

4. The team of athletes (is, are) practicing for the championship game.

Correct answers: 1. enjoys 2. is 3. has 4. is

Exercise 4: Writing Sentences with Correct Verb and Subject Agreement

In this exercise, you`ll need to write sentences with correct verb and subject agreement.

1. The cat (sleep) on the windowsill.

2. We (enjoy) going for walks in the park.

3. The group of musicians (play) beautiful music.

4. She (is) a talented artist.

Correct answers: 1. sleeps 2. enjoy 3. plays 4. is


Understanding and using proper subject-verb agreement is essential for clear and effective writing. By practicing these exercises, you`ll gain confidence in your ability to identify and use the correct verb and subject agreement in your writing.

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