Cover for the new project

Going live next week! Red Wolf: Exile is the start of a new parallel world series. I will be releasing it as a serial at first, and Part 1 (the first third of the first book) will be followed by the next part in about six weeks. Stay tuned!

Same map, different world.

Nic Duncan must prove she has what it takes to follow her uncle into the Special Forces. To get his backing she infiltrates a lawless area of postwar Asia posing as an adrenaline-junkie hiker. Checking out a newly discovered cave follows naturally as part of her cover.

But in that cave she encounters a strange artifact—and when she emerges, the world she knows no longer exists. While the terrain remains the same, every sign of civilization has disappeared. No road, no power lines, no GPS, nothing.

Starving and desperately searching for a way back, Nic discovers the relics of the past have vanished too – and the pre-technology people she encounters either terrified of outsiders or ruthless killers.
Can Nic find any safety in this strange yet familiar world … and what must she sacrifice to get it?

One thought on “Cover for the new project

  1. Great start with Red Wolf. Enjoyed it and waiting for the next instalment. Hope you also have time for another dragon hunters book or argonauts or even jinxers