The Sequoyah Trilogy

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Follow the adventures of Moire Cameron, NASA explorer, pilot, and very reluctant time-traveler, as she roams the reaches of human space dodging alien war, space pirates, and assorted cranky crewmembers in an attempt to follow her last order — to report the discovery of the pristine Earthlike planet of Sequoyah.


Happy Amazon reviews:

This is one of the better new SF novels I’ve read in some time; genuine, believable, characters; clever plot twists; and reasonable use of the SF genre. I found myself getting into the story as though it were being painted with me as a close observer, almost a participant.
Nice work, Sabrina. I’m looking forward to future releases.


Hard sci-fi with humans: This book starts from an interesting idea, and elaborates it very nicely. You will be reminded of Cherryh and Bujold, but this book has more point and cutting edge than any of the Cherryh books. The themes of alienation, escape, and secret government will resonate with many of us in this decade. The male and female leads are both very well developed, and many of the settings and secondary characters have nice touches too. Highly recommended.


It has been a long time since I enjoyed a book or series of books so much that I re-read them immediately upon finishing but I did just that with this trilogy. I was sucked along in the action and sped through each of the books, then simply had to re-read them to savor details I’d missed the first time around. I’m excited to read more from this author.