Argonauts of Space series

  • The Scent of Metal
  • One Blood
  • (forthcoming) Soul Code

Book 1: The Scent of Metal
sabrina2013_Vs4A tale of scientific curiosity, artificial intelligence, and the real status of Pluto…


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Happy Amazon reviews:

This book is not only well written, it’s hard to put down. I was caught up in the story right away. I have grown bored with poorly written, overly explained, sci fi books. But I had a hard time putting this down – even at 3AM! The story is fresh, the characters fun (can’t wait to see how Argo grows up), the plot turns made sense. In short, I want more. Thank you, Sabrina Chase!


…The characters act in a believable fashion, the tech is well described without dominating the story line. The author shows a good control of the story arc and I found myself cheering on the budding love story. Stayed up way to late to finish the story, really I read it in a single sitting, was quite enthralled.

Book 2: One Blood


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