Labor Day Sale!

For the nice long lazy Labor Day weekend I have just put The Scent of Metal on sale everywhere at $1.99. It may take a few hours to percolate through the system, but it will be there… but only for the weekend.

And check out some more authors also doing the Labor Day Sale!

Promo price for The Last Mage Guardian

As promised, I am doing a promotional discount of The Last Mage Guardian to encourage new readers (who will then hopefully want to read Dragonhunters).

Starting Sunday, July 20 and ending Tuesday, August 5, The Last Mage Guardian will be a mere $1.99 at all the usual locations. Even if you already have a copy, one way to earn points with your friends is to point them toward deals. If you think they would enjoy the book, spread the word!

(And Dragonhunters is being proofed right this very minute. Soon, my readers. Soon.)

eARC of Dragonhunters now available!

So, I’m doing things a bit differently this time. I am trying out Gumroad to handle my direct sales, and they do things all in a bunch. So there isn’t a separate epub/mobi option, you get both when you make your purchase. If you just can’t wait for the full formal edited version of Dragonhunters (and who can blame you?) head over to Gumroad using the link below…

Dragonhunters eARC $10.00


A Few Items of Note

1) Dragonhunters is finished and rewritten and waiting for the editor. Soon.

B) I will be attending Libertycon in Chattanooga, TN June 27-28 as both my scientific and authorial self.

iii) A review of The Long Way Home that made me cackle maniacally. If keeping people up late reading is a sin, I am beyond doomed because it seems to happen a lot (and yes, I do it on purpose!)

Also, the Clarion West Writeathon is starting up. I am taking part as always, to help new writers who will go on to write new stuff for us to read. This year, one of the students is a member of my critique group who writes very unique fiction, and I confidently expect Good Things to come from him.

As the release date for Dragonhunters is finalized I am planning some promotional goodies such as a Goodreads giveaway, temporary price discounts, etc. Stay tuned…

The Dragonhunters, completed!

I really did think I would have this done sooner, but such is life…some family obligations cropped up, and the characters would NOT be herded on schedule. It’s like they have their own agenda, or something.

But! It’s finally done. Now I have to wait for an opening in my superlative editor’s schedule in June, so it will be out in final form around mid-July. I hope. There will be an e-ARC before then for those who just can’t wait for proofreading. And, eventually, a print version.

Which brings me to my other bit of news. I am going to be trying Gumroad for direct sales of my ebooks. They can handle credit cards, and most importantly, are available 24/7 for any issues involving the actual download. I hope this will create a better customer service environment for my valued readers.

Now, on to planning the sequel to The Scent of Metal

Seeing with Other Eyes

One of the intriguing things about reviews is the opportunity to see your work as a stranger would. I’ve been living with my books for so long by the time my readers see them I’ve lost all sense of distance and perspective. Then I’ll come along and read a review that makes me think “Hmm. Never really thought about that, but I suppose that’s true!” The most recent exemplar of this being a very nice review for Scent of Metal. (I didn’t *plan* to do “new things with genre”, it just sort of …happened. And I’ll probably do it again.)

And it’s not just the nice reviews that do this. Even the puzzled, bewildered, disappointed, or unhappy reviews can have gleaming insights. One recent reviewer, stating a preference for romance-genre books of varying types, was understandably not satisfied with my science fiction (same book as above). BUT! They read the entire book! To have enticed a hard-core (cough) romance reader to finish a moderately hard-core science fiction book is a triumph indeed….

Matchbook is live

The Amazon Matchbook program is up and running, and I’ve even had one person use it!

In brief, if you have purchased any of my books in print form, you can now get a discounted ebook version of the same novel. Yes, it is retroactive. I plan to put all future books in the same program, too. I don’t like having the high paper prices — it’s the cost of doing business with distributors — but this way I can add value to the purchase. And with the gift-giving holidays approaching, you can get the bundle to give Aunt Ethel the paper book and give the cheep ebook for yourself! Win-win!