Writing life: Updates

I am happy to report that I am 1/3 of the way to completing my CW Write-a-thon goal–meaning one chapter of the three remaining has been completed.  And it was a doozy, since it involved a love scene and I really, really struggle to write love scenes. (More research is clearly indicated…) Thank you to those who have donated or even merely spread the word about the Write-a-thon.

In site-related news, my online store is on the blink again.  It will happily take your order and your money but when you attempt to download, all you get is a big fat error message. I have unleashed the hounds of customer tech support upon the problem. If you do place an order I can get you the book, never fear–it just may take a little longer since I will do it by hand.

The Amazon launch of Raven’s Children is planned for the first week in July.  It will not be in Select. Expect an announcement of The Long Way Home going free for a day or two when Raven’s Children goes live in the Kindle Store–so tell all your friends who haven’t been convinced to try my books yet! For the non-Kindleites, as soon as The Long Way Home exits Select’s three month embargo both books will be added to the Barnes & Noble store, in early August.

Now, back to writing …

Murphy is alive and well and living in my site server

On Monday I uploaded the sneak preview copies of Raven’s Children ARC, in both epub and mobi format, to my store.  Then I went and alerted everybody signed up for the SF newsletter that it was available.  Tuesday morning I check how things are going.  Ah how nice, a bunch of sales.  Whoops, a bunch of complaints that the books aren’t downloading.  Not just that, but giving rude messages about missing permissions and file errors and all sorts of things.

Not a good way to start the day.  So I start investigating.  Had I left file permissions to Deny Everything? Uploaded to the wrong folder? No.  Hmm. Other people had successfully downloaded other books, so *that* part worked.  Just that one book–and, on further investigation, just the mobi format was having trouble.  Epub downloaded just fine. That gave me enough information to determine a helpdesk ticket needed to be filed–so we are waiting for the server gnomes to figure out why it thinks nobody should have access to one file among several.

So if you came here intending to obtain the book I *said* was available, that’s why it isn’t there in the store.  Just a small technical delay…

p.s. I believe I have delivered books to everyone who paid for one but didn’t get it.  If not, please let me know and I will fix the problem ASAP.


UPDATE: The problem has been fixed and the ARC is back up on the store.  Thank you for your patience!

One thousand

That being the total number of books I’ve sold since I first made them available, barely five months ago.

Hot. Diggity. Dog.

Thanks, everyone.  This is so much fun it ought to be illegal…

Addendum:  Per the question in the comment below, Firehearted and The Last Mage Guardian are available in epub as well as mobi formats (Barnes&Noble and Amazon respectively).  So are the short stories.