The State of the Author

Alive! Yes, really. It has been touch-and-go, but the breathing thing continues unabated. Busy. Currently hard at work on Book 3 of the Scent of Metal trilogy, in between day job, new cats, and the ongoing quest to replace my collapsing Depression-era garage. (Seriously. It is a quest, with random monster encounters and quest tokens and buried treasure.)

Another project is in the works, but this time most of the effort has been shouldered by the inestimable C.J. Brightley. The Noblebright Fantasy boxed set is coming soon to an ebook source near you! My fellow authors include C.J.Brightley, Lindsay Buroker, Francesca Forrest, Kyra Halland, Angela Holder, Ronald Long, Mike Reeves-McMillan, T.A. Miles, Christina Ochs, Sherwood Smith, and Emily Martha Sorensen.
LightInTheDarkness_FC2 (2)

And the best part? Twelve stunning books plus extra short stories, all for a mere $.99! Preordering is available right now, for delivery October 18. My contribution is The Last Mage Guardian, plus the previously never published short story “Wolf of Shadows.”

We’re trying to make the concept of Noblebright a movement, something you can search for. We’ve got a website, and more collections are being thought of down the line. This is similar to the Human Wave movement, but more focused on fantasy.

Noblebright is intended to be a positive reaction to the negativity of grimdark. It’s not syrupy, precious nonsense. It isn’t papering over reality with illusion or denial. Real, imperfect characters that do their best in an imperfect world, who make mistakes but get up and try again. Noblebright means, at the very least, in a dark world there is still hope.




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