I have been busy…

…with good stuff for my patient readers!  Here’s the scoop.

Writeathon: Two chapters finished, and if I’m allowed to include the weekend in the time allotted I have great confidence the third and final chapter will be done by then. Woohoo! Another book done–look for it in 2013.

Who Are All You People: Hello new visitors! Checking ye olde sitemeter, visits jumped in May and continue to grow. People are also hitting my Amazon link and my Associates account thanks you. The true motto of self-publishing is “it all adds up.”

Tell Your Friends Dept.: One last free day for The Long Way Home! Sunday, July 29th is the birthday of NASA–an organization of great importance in the Sequoyah series. And August 2 books 1 and 2 should be live on Barnes & Noble (barring gremlins).

I’m Famous!: I was interviewed by the splendid and worthwhile Akamai Reader site (link). Read all about my dark secrets!

Coming Soon: New website design by an actual web-designer (which I am not). I have seen it and it is quite cool. Also, I took the plunge and messed around with CreateSpace to produce my first print book. It was much easier than I expected. After I check the proof The Last Mage Guardian will be available in paper, and as time permits I will format the rest of my books. I’m also thinking about offering signed copies on my store.

UPDATE: typo fixed. That’s why he’s my favorite proofreader, folks.


One thought on “I have been busy…

  1. Uh, not to be an annoying pedant or anything, but you misspelled “Sequoyah” up there.