And now, in print!

The Last Mage Guardian is now available on Amazon as a paperback! I think it came out very well, thanks to CreateSpace’s nifty templates and guides. I have never laid out a print book before but they made it rather simple. I was even able to keep my little decorative fleurons. And thanks to Dean Wesley Smith‘s recent Blurbs & Pitches workshop, it has clever new back copy and blurbage!

The plan is to put all of my books up in print, starting with the Sequoyah trilogy. I’m still on the learning curve and it takes some time to get it all done right, so no real estimate on when. Plus, the day job is shaping up to Death March status so I won’t get much new stuff done for a few months. Never fear, Queen of Chaos is all ready to go and the first draft of Scent of Metal is complete. There will be new books!

UPDATE: If you want to order directly from CreateSpace instead of going through Amazon (same book, but I get more money) here’s the link.

One thought on “And now, in print!

  1. Cool news and congrats on being “in print.”

    OT, but I can’t help wondering what kind of legends developed within the Kulvar criminal class about the “pirates”…