New Red Wolf Serialization! And bonus audiobooks!

Part 2 of Red Wolf:Scout is now live and available on Amazon. Other markets to go live shortly. I am madly making notes and plotting for Book 3, aka Red Wolf: Defender.

But wait, you say, what have you been doing all this time if not writing? Good question! I have been playing with the beta version of Amazon’s Virtual Voice, the AI audiobook generator, and now all three books of the Sequoyah series have audio versions! Sometimes the AI was comical in its pronunciation attempts but it did very well considering how many completely made-up terms and names I use, and I could usually teach it the right way to say something. And the times when it got dialogue and inflection exactly right was amazing. Major bonus, I can offer audiobooks for a mere $6 each!

Red Wolf: Scout serialization begins!

Part 1 of Red Wolf: Scout (book 2) is now live on Amazon! Soon to appear at all the usual book sites.

An unexpected hazard of going from a world of modern technology to a primitive, alternate Asia: explaining the concept of “swimsuit” to people who can’t swim. Nic must train a truly effective special forces team, and protect the only safe haven she’s found. The people of Shanmen fortress have accepted her— even if some still think she is a wolf demon in her spare time—but Feng Guo, the general in command, has a powerful enemy determined to wipe them out.

Nic must save the fortress and the people within from sabotage, single spies, and entire squads of soldiers in a world wracked by rebellion. She only has her wits and what she had on her when she was shunted to this timeline. What can she do with a cell phone, a tourist guide, and a very slightly used geology degree? Wreak havok, and let slip the Red Wolf of war!

Trying Preorders for a change

Red Wolf: Exile Part 3 is up at all the main ebook sites as a preorder, delivery on March 30.

Draft2Digital (Apple and Kobo)
Barnes & Noble

And not only that!

  • Red Wolf: Exile combined ebook (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) is coming,
  • Red Wolf: Exile print book is coming
  • Red Wolf: Scout is coming! (book 2!)

I’m about halfway through the first draft of Scout. ETA is uncertain, but it will be in the next few months.

Red Wolf: Exile Part 2 is live!

The next installment of the cross-dimension adventure is now available wherever fine e-books are sold. Part 3 will be available sometime in April, or the impatient can go to Gumroad for the eARC.

Meanwhile, your humble author is scribbling furiously to complete Red Wolf: Scout so my editor can latch onto it like a starving lion seeing a limping wildebeest. Writing may seem quiet and peaceful from the outside, but there is a Darwinian element we hide from you. Only the strongest survive!


(other store links will be added as soon as I get them. Amazon was blindingly fast this time…)

Kind words for the Sequoyah series

A very nice review for The Long Way Home was recently brought to my attention. And then, a few days later, it was followed by an equally nice review for the entire trilogy! It’s always a kick to find out what my readers think, but this was no ordinary reader. She’s a writer too, and those are the readers most difficult to fool because we KNOW the tricks we use.

So when I see something like

…the kind of prose that doesn’t call attention to itself or get in the way…

and that was precisely the subtle effect I was striving for in my writing? More than wonderful.

Soul Code Chapter 1


There were no windows on Beredul. Especially not in the deep bunker-like depths of the long-abandoned fadohl depot facility now called Grand Central, where the Earth-humans and their Wiyert allies had set up the command post for planetary operations. So it was hard to know if it was really morning or not, but it certainly felt like one. Tired and cranky.

Joey Ramirez checked that his sidearm was firmly seated in the leg holster, tucked a handful of energy bars in a side pocket, swallowed the last precious dark drop of coffee in his mug, and glanced about to see if he’d forgotten anything before heading out. He’d noticed a certain reluctance lately to leaving the area the Earth team had repurposed as living and working quarters. Even though he was the only one there now, the familiar ammo cans, gear, and personal stuff the others had left behind gave it a homey, lived-in feel. He hoped they were doing OK. He hoped they would come back soon.

Not that he disliked the Wiyert. Tough characters, in a real bad situation. He was glad to help. Thing was, though, they never shut down. They were always in hard combat mode. Never laughed. He’d seen a kinda sorta smile on a couple, the ones they’d rescued from the planet they’d been stranded on, but they’d been hanging around Earth-humans for longer. Thing he really missed was somebody to joke around with.

Didn’t matter. He had a job to do, and he couldn’t do it here in what they called the Unready Room. It was more of a wide corridor, really. The main opening led, through a few doors and passageways, to the immense underground open space that had previously stored several hundred ancient robotic devices and now contained a giant Wiyert refugee camp. A small US flag was pinned to the wall facing the open area with the hastily scrawled text “You Are Now Entering the American Sector” underneath. Not that any of the Wiyert could read it—yet—but it served as fair warning that their usual rules didn’t apply past that point. Continue reading

Worldcon Goodies

I will be attending Sasquan, the 2015 Worldcon in Spokane, WA August 21-23, and I got a bunch of these clever badge flags to hand out. So if you are attending and would like one to decorate your con badge with, just find me!

Fan badge flags