Guardian’s Compact series

Guardian’s Compact series

  • The Last Mage Guardian
  • Dragonhunters

Book 1: The Last Mage Guardian

Last Mage Guardian cover

Miss Ardhuin Andrews, who ought to be learning elegant refinements at the Metan Seminary for Young Ladies, has instead fooled the headmistress and her late great-uncle’s servants into letting her stay at the old chateau–alone.  The better to avoid dancing lessons and study her forbidden magic.

But then the old chateau is attacked by powerful magic, and shortly after a strange young man, apparently immune to her magical distractions and illusions appears.  Is he connected to the attacks?

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Amazon Reviews

One of my favorites … “An engaging tale of love, magic, intrigue, derring-do, and the occasional pastry.”

Another very nice review from Suburban Banshee

“..The author has included all the fun of a good romance and none of the goop. The worldbuilding is interesting and beautiful, the action is interesting, and the book is full of memorable scenes of magic and intrigue. Everything ends happily, even.

(I do not have a single bad thing to say about this book. Do you know how relaxing that is?)”


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Book 2: Dragonhunters

cover for Dragonhunters