Remembrance of Things Past

Burma Shave

The Burma-Shave shaving cream company came up with a grand advertising plan back in the 1920’s — a clever little poem, with each line on a separate sign, spaced out along the roadside.  You had to pay attention to get every line and complete the rhyme, and they always ended with the sponsor’s name.  Sometimes extolling the improved dating prowess of smooth-chinned men, sometimes giving humorous driving safety tips, they entertained many a long boring road trip.  An example:

Burma Shave signs

It just so happens that “Burma-Shave” maps rather nicely to “Human Wave”, and my evil mind proceeded accordingly.

Plucky human

Saves the day

Let your brain

Come out and play


Spurred by my bad example, others have joined in on the fun … (these two courtesy of Phil Rose)

Future Earth:

A dreary place

So let’s all go

To Outer Space!



When planning for

Vacation fun

Pack your trusty

Laser gun!


Readers are encouraged to perpetrate their own attempts in the comments, and to spread these rhymes far and wide along with the Human Wave link!

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