Kindle Select in Review

My second book, Firehearted, is currently enrolled in the Kindle Select program.  It’s an experiment, and I recently took a look at the numbers to see if the two days free had any global effect.

Short answer, hell yes.

Other indie authors have been very generous with their data to help others, and I want to follow their example.  During that week Firehearted was downloaded over 1,200 times.  My first book The Last Mage Guardian , not free and not part of Kindle Select, sold 25 copies.  However during the previous week, it sold only 16.   I am hopeful that when the legions of readers finish their free book, they will feverishly search Amazon for my other work and find Last Mage Guardian and its numbers will increase even more.  So,  by the end of the month, maybe?

But wait, there’s more!  Prior to the free promotion, I hadn’t sold anything in Amazon’s separate foreign stores (UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain).  During the promo week 38 copies were either sold or downloaded in Germany (none in the other stores).  So somehow the Kindle Select program got me foreign readers, an effect nobody else has mentioned.  (And why only Germany?) Is a puzzlement!

Zu meinem Deutsch Leser/Leserinnen, vielen Dank und Willkommen!

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