Updates and tidbits

I’m still seeing the happy effects of the Kindle Select free days, two weeks later.  For one thing, a number of very nice reviews were added on Amazon (and even one on a separate site!).  Many thanks for the kind words.

I’m also pleased that the free copies of Firehearted seem to have boosted The Last Mage Guardian’s sales too — and the short story probably benefited as well.

Editing progresses on the trilogy.  Besides the tidbits in the short stories I’m putting up, I’m thinking of posting some excerpts here too.  Plus, work is planned to clean up and streamline the site, adding the direct sale option, and filling in some of the blank pages.  I had no idea there was so much administrivia involved in setting up a business, either.  Now that the glaciers have receded (for now) here, I can get more work done!

One thought on “Updates and tidbits

  1. “I’m thinking of posting some excerpts here too”

    Torn between anticipation and frustration. And other things ending in -ation.