New short story!

Coyote and the Amazing Herbal Formula should go live Sunday on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Be aware–it isn’t exactly R-rated (no actual sex) but Coyote’s detachable…member features (cough) prominently so it isn’t for maiden aunts or people with poor giggle control.  I was never able to sell this story to any publications, because it isn’t raunchy enough for erotica and it was a bit too “adult” for everyone else–although I got very nice rejection letters saying how much the editorial staff had enjoyed reading it and laughing until they could hardly breathe.  Such is life with a twisted mind like mine ….

And of course, a new excerpt from The Long Way Home is included!

UPDATE: You can haz links.


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One thought on “New short story!

  1. Hi, Sabrina.

    I see we’re showing up on one another’s Also Boughts on Amazon, so I wanted to drop you a line about guest-posting on my blog. Would love to feature you for some Writer Wednesday. Can’t find an email address for you on your site, though.

    Drop me a line at if you’re interested.