The latest in the Guardian’s Compact series — Sky Tribe!

Ever wonder what it would be like if you had to save the world, but you don’t have superpowers, or magic, or even money? And were expected to attend classes at the same time?

Ever been willing to dangle by your fingertips from a high window ledge, just to get your hands on a really good book?

Well wonder no longer! Sky Tribe is here, for all you low-budget adventurers and fanatical readers!

With yet another wonderful cover from Les Petersen. Available now at all fine electronic establishments!

Jens-Peter Oberacker thought the secret research facility for magical craft would be peaceful and quiet–the perfect place to finish his engineering research paper. He didn’t expect a violent gang of thieves to have their eyes on the ships, or having to escape to save his life. Worse yet, he’s now being blamed for the entire thing!

On the run in the last, badly damaged ship, an unexpected encounter with a housemaid on a mansion rooftop saves him from immediate disaster. But why would she lurk on a roof at night? And where did she learn her utter fearlessness of heights?

Perhaps unwisely, Jens-Peter ignores these questions—and the housemaid’s unexpected knife—desperate to find someone, anyone, who can clear his name. And let him finish his paper…

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